An Amazing Difference…..Chemical Free homes

Gasoline that 'cleans'
Gasoline that ‘cleans’ (Photo credit: Toban B.)

If you’re anything like me……

you like your home, car and workplace looking and smelling clean!!

Yeah buddy there’s nothing like walking into your house and being greeted with smell of freshness, it’s hard to describe……I think being a chef all these years has made me sensitive to certain smells.

I don’t like using chemicals of any kind in my home and for many years I stuck to using Eco-Friendly products for my cleaning supplies

Recently I had fallen on hard times and found myself visiting the local Dollar Store in search of cleaning products.

These products were cheap and I shudder to think how harsh and dangerous the chemicals are, but I had no choice…..

I didn’t have very much money, I even broke down and bought some bleach, something I haven’t done in years.

After using these products for cleaning and laundry, it was not long before I started getting headaches for no reason, I just shrugged it off saying “it can’t be the chemicals, I’m just tired”

But the headaches continued for a while, and it got to the point were I just decided to go back to my Eco-Friendly products.

These products contains are CHEMICAL FREE CLEANING PRODUCTS, and rely on plant-based cleaning properties and enzymes.


But I does make sense to me that, if we don’t need to bring dangerous chemicals into our homes, why on earth do we continue to do it?

There was an AMAZING DIFFERENCE! My house started to smell much cleaner, the headaches are gone, but the biggest difference was my clothes.

Because the laundry cleaner was so concentrated. I was using less of it, and saving money

My clothes smell great and they now have a new clothes look and feel about them, instead of looking old and dingy.

I don’t see my self going back to those dangerous chemicals.

After reading the free E-book “Live Green. Safer for you and Your Family” it just made common sense to shop from home and save 30-40% on safer products.

You’d be nuts not to check out “Live Green. Safer for you and Your Family”  and save money on Eco-Friendly products

Get your free copy of “Live Green. Safer for you and Your Family”


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